Mr Men Little Miss characters conquer our bathrooms.

These bizarre characters now embellish our bathrooms, as well, to the delight of children and adults.

One Target SA collaborated with French brand Le Comptoir du Bain in giving birth to a cutting-edge idea: scented castile bars of soap containing PVC figurines.

Mr Tickle, Mr Happy and Mr Strong appear on both castile soap bottles and bars of soap having the enjoyable scent of tangerine, poppy and orange flowers or vanilla-honey, respectively. Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Princess soaps have sweeter fragrances: violet and rose.

Thanks to their intense colors, these soaps make hand washing a real pleasure for children. Children will also love collecting the nice and small PVC figurines inserted into the bars of soap.

Mr Men Little Miss castile soaps are not only amazing, they are also high quality, paraben-free and without preservative products. They are limited edition and sold in pharmacies.