One Target has licenses for some of the most important characters in the world.
We have recently started a collaboration with the successful clothing and accessory company Tokidoki.


Hello Kitty is the most famous character of Sanrio. She was created by the designer Yuko Shimizu in 1974 and her fame is growing faster and faster since the 90s. The amazing Hello Kitty is loved by children and adults and she is an actual girl. She is English, she lives in London suburbs and she attend the third year of primary school. Her complete name is Kitty White, she has got a twin sister named Mimmy and her parents are George e Mary.

 Target: Female

Mr Men & Little Miss characters were created in 1971 by Roger Hargreaves, children book author and illustrator but this family is rapidly and constantly growing. Mr Men & Little Miss brand totally follows the slogan “Small gift, Big smile” because its characters are very funny and multi-colored. Moreover they are evergreen and successful characters as far as merchandising and publishing are concerned because they address to more than one generations.

Target: Unisex - Universal


Everybody knows Hello Kitty, one of the most important Sanrio Characters. Now we are proud to present other members that will increase One Target license portfolio.

Starting with Gudetama, a little and crabby egg, scared to be eaten. It’s always lazy, although its daily activity is only to scratch its bum. Badtzmaru is the only penguin coming from Hawaii which lives in a pineapple. It’s terrible and agitated and it’s wanted for robbery. Pompompurin is a big and sweet Labrador which wears always a brown hat. It can drive and it loves building useful objects for friends. Its dream is to become a big and good dog as parents.

Finally, Lala and Kily, the Little Twin Stars, who live in the world of dreams and have magical powers.


tokidoki is an internationally recognized and iconic lifestyle brand, debuting in 2005. Its name means sometimes in Japanese. It was founded by Italian artist and Japan lover Simone Legno and his partners. tokidoki philosophy is: never give up, be aware that something positive is always going to happen and that even the smallest event can change your life. Its collections include apparel, handbags, cosmetics, accessories (e.g. hats, headbands and sunglasses), stationery, and toys, to name just a few. tokidoki coloured and lively characters form a universe on their own and they are grouped into: Cactus Friends, Donutella and her sweet friends, The Unicornos, ‘til death do us part (Adios, his girlfriend Ciao Ciao and their cat Skeletrino), punkstar and Royal Pride. As a consequence of its expanding celebrity, tokidoki has already partnered with some famous brand names, such as Barbie, Hello Kitty, Sephora, Marvel and Karl Lagerfeld.


Target: Female



1 A Bunch of things I cannot live without is a new brand, essential and sophisticated. One Target SA decided to believe in a young Italian designer Federico Toniolo, and we worked to make his dream come true. The project represents the perfect union between the elegance of Made in Italy and the reliability of a Swiss company.

1 A Bunch of things I cannot live without is not a casual brand, but it represents the real design spirit, the right mixture of materials study and linearity of shapes. With 1 a bunch of things I cannot live without, to come back to the essential life is now possible.